Product Feeds for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Magento2, or SFCC Demandware

If you are integrated into one of the above ecommerce platforms, there is no need for additional steps. By following the Pixlee integration instructions for the respective platform, the instructions for feed integration is included.

Custom Product Feed Integration

We have multiple methodologies for ingesting your product feed, and infinite flexibility in its configuration. The choices of ingestion are:


Contact us to set up a feed to regularly update in either your own hosted SFTP server, or use one of ours.

Feed Url

If you have an authenticated feed url which changes dynamically according to product changes, we can also ingest it on a regular basis.

Feed Format and Parameters

We take all formats of feed ingestion, but most common are .csv, .tsv, and .xml.

Required Parameters

Optional Parameters

Take a look at a sample product feed csv here.