Added automatic analytics to UI components on Android SDK

This update is for those who use our UI components and want to avoid implementing as many analytics as possible.

UI components now have an option of firing analytics events automatically. FYI, loadmore has always been fired automatically on album class(Java: PXLAlbum, Kotlin: PXLKtxAlbum) when getting a list of photos.

However, for the analytics events such as actionClicked, addToCart, and conversion, you still need to manually implement it.

Supported automatic Analytics events

PXLPhotoRecyclerViewInGrid (similar to Widget)

  • VisibleWidget
  • OpenedWidget

PXLPhotoRecyclerView (similar to Widget)

  • VisibleWidget
  • OpenedWidget

PXLPhotoProductView (similar to Lightbox)

  • OpenLightbox

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