[Android SDK] Added PXLWidgetView having API, analytics, list , grid

Release note

improvement: PXLPhotoProductView (similar to Lightbox)

  • Lifecycle, which is used to play&pause a video can be acquired from the view inside now.

A new view: PXLWidgetView (similar to Widget)

  • automatically fire APIs[api/v2/albums/from_sku, api/v2/albums/{album_id}/photos] to get and display photos
  • automatically fire Analytics[openedWidget, widgetVisible]
  • provide grid (2 and more grid columns) and list layouts

UI Options


  • turn infinite scroll on/off
  • turn auto video playing on/off: play a video located at the top of the list


  • Line Size between items
  • Header
    • Image URL: jpg / gif / png / webp / ect
    • Customizable text: can change the color and size of each charector using SpannableString

Added a new Demo project

  • This is to provide you a quick start and a demonstration of PXLWidgetView
  • its directory: /simpleapp
    • you can run the project from the IDE(Android Studio)
      |Grid Mode|ListMode|