This page will help you get started with Pixlee API.


Before you go any further

Make sure you're in the right place. Most clients will find what they need over in the Guides that detail our many existing integrations and highly-configurable off-the-shelf products before they need to build something with the API

Pixlee has two distinct REST APIs to serve clients. They must be independently called and are not interchangeable.

The Content API is designed to allow developers to freely consume and submit content. We expose a flexible and rich amount of media metadata to allow customization of beautiful, personalized experiences full of user-generated photos and videos from fans and customers.

For 95% of use-cases, you will want to be referencing the Get Approved Media from an Album endpoint. This will help you get content from albums of your choice or content related to specific products, and is the most commonly used endpoint.

The Analytics API is designed to allow Pixlee users to find insight in their data - product performance, engaging content, etc. We expose a multitude of powerful endpoints that provide real-time data to help brands make product decisions.