Returns approved media content inside an album. Optionally, you can pass in formatted json to filter or sort the content appropriately.

An example request may look like:{"recency":true,"desc":true}&filters={"starred_photos":false,"min_instagram_followers":"17"}

It is highly recommended that the "pixlee_cdn_photos" key is used to return media content, as these are cached by our CDN and guaranteed to permanently exist.

Note however that for videos, the following will be true: content_type will be "video".

The pixlee_cdn_photos object will hold the same keys, but will all be empty strings.

The video source will always be the source_url key

image (thumbnail) of the video will always be the thumbnail_url key. The same image will be in big_url and medium_url as well.

Please note that you can only use one of the following parameters: sku, product_name, product_url, or product_image_url.

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