This event should be fired for any page on which a widget is loaded or rendered.

  "uid": "d284fb3c-5c29-e316-ed71-8ce7852f8e50", //required, any unique string that tracks the user currently browsing
  "parentURL": "", //optional but recommended, the URL on which the user loaded the widget
  "API_KEY": "abcdefg", //required, the Pixlee ACCOUNT PRIVATE API KEY
  "widget": "Horizontal", //optional but recommended, the style of widget. recommended options are Horizontal, Photowall, Mosaic, Coverflow, Vertical.
  "album_id": 12345, //required, the Pixlee album id from which you are displaying content
  "photos": "134827,34824,234957" //'album_photo_id's joined with a comma
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