Returns album_photo_id. Generally, most image types, gifs, as well as mp4s are allowed in the photo_uri. If the same image is created multiple times, the image properties will not change, but if additional products or categories are included they will be tagged.

  "album_id": 9996319, //Required
  "title": "something something danger zone", //Required
  "email": "[email protected]", //Required if connected_user_id is omitted
  "username": "Dennis", //Required
  "photo_uri": "", //Required,
  "avatar_url": "" //Optional,
  "approved": true, //Required
  "connected_user_id": 123456789, //optional, not used if email is included,
  "product_skus": ["productA", "productB"], //optional, for adding product tags
  "category_names": ["Clothing", "Shoes"], //optional, to copy the content to category albums (must match case sensitive category/tag name)
  "connected_user": {"shirt_size": "M"} //optional, for storing additional misc info
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