Getting Started

Pixlee makes it easy to integrate with your existing system. We've worked to create best-in-class integrations, widgets, plugins, and SDKs that work out-of-the-box. Our user guides make it as painless as possible to be up and running over a cup of coffee.

When deploying Pixlee, most customers start with an eCommerce or Email Integration, which we've provided on this page.

If you have a particular use-case that we have not provided by our off-the-shelf products and integrations, we offer the same flexible API Functionality that powers our own platform to our customers. If you can imagine it, you can certainly do it.

As always, we're standing by to support you. In addition to our general support channels, we also have [email protected] available as a support channel should you have API-specific issues.



If you're here because you're interested in learning more about deploying a Pixlee Widget, the Pixlee Widget User Guide is where you want to go.